Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview With Taufik


SBA: How old were you when you knew you could sing?
TAUFIK: If I'm not mistaken, I realized I could sing when I was 9.

SBA: Who encouraged you to sing?
TAUFIK: Me my self, family and friends.

SBA: How would you describe your voice?
TAUFIK: Mature, Garau and selalu screeching.

SBA: What do you fear the most?
TAUFIK: sore throat, payah menyanyi!!!

SBA: Which singers do you admire?
TAUFIK: Faizul ABO, Whiteny Houstan, Beyonce Knowless, Steward, N'Sync and Pixee.

SBA:What would your motto be?
TAUFIK: Unlimited wants but LIMITED resources. I guess, I could change the word "limited" by polishing my studies.

SBA: What characteristic do you dislike about yourself?

SBA: What is your favourite piece of music?
TAUFIK: Indo, Pop, Country and Classic BUT NOT ROCK!

SBA: Describe yourself in three words:
TAUFIK: Tall, Fat and Serious.

SBA: If you went to the moon, what would you take with you?
TAUFIK: Laptop, Cell Phone and My Economics.

SBA: If you weren't a singer, what would you be?
TAUFIK: An engineer. Lol, somehow I am still a student.

SBA: What is the best advice you've been given, and who gave it?

SBA: What gives you satisfaction in your work?
TAUFIK: I satisfy with my work if listeners suka my songs, and my family suka my songs.

SBA: What is your favourite role?
TAUFIK: no. 12

SBA: What would you like to achieve musically, and why?
TAUFIK: Belajar more lagi in high notes because selalu screeching. LOL

SBA: How would you like to be remembered?

SBA: What was the worst criticism ever received as an artiste?
TAUFIK: Inda pernah, NEVER. Alhamdulillah.

SBA: first song ever sung?
TAUFIK: With You by Chris Brown in Malaysia (2009) with the help of beat box only..

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