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R.V.BOYZ ( Rimba VilleBoyz ) Profile and Biography

We are SNAPP DADDY(Composer, Music Producer)(19yo), YUNG-G(20yo), LIL'B(19yo) & LIL'CRUNKIN'(19yo). Big shout out to our executive producer Mr.Noty Boy and our co-producer Mr.BlingBling, shout out to Myke, Smurv, Reezy Ruocks, Ryff, Ned, Mike-B "Muzzy" The Barney Mane, Lil'A Syafii & Freezle.

R.V.Boyz, are the four-man from Rimba Gadong, Brunei Darussalam, that is responsible for a new genre of Hip-Hop called “Crunk/Snap Rap and New School Hip-Hop”. R.V.Boyz consists of Snapp Daddy, Lil’B, Yung-G, and Lil Crunkin’, whom goes to the same middle school (Rimba Mid.Sch.). Each member is from, Rimba Gadong (G-Town), B.S.B.

All years combined, the members of R.V.Boyz have been rapping for over 12 years. R.V.Boyz has been inspired by Souljaboy Tellem and S.O.D.M.G, as well as some hip hop icons such as Tupac and Biggie.

In 2008, the group members recorded their songs (S.M.R. and Playa We Too Crunk feat MrBlingBling) and uploaded their songs to Pure Volume, Brunei then began to take notice.

R.V.Boyz went hard work in the studio, creating their own music using FL Studio and signed to Snapp Beatz Records(Executive Producer Noty Boy & Co-Producer MrBlingBling) Production in early 2009.

Staying consistent with their theme of “New School Hip-Hop” and their signature shirts baring a Money and Diamond of every suit, R.V.Boyz already hit the radio station with their hits single called “We R.V.Boyz” and “Bersama Mu feat Myke (Snapp Beatz)” which was produced by Snapp Daddy (R.V.Boyz). With their untitled debut album currently in the works.

R.V.Boyz is destined to be one of the next major hip-hop acts to add the city of Brunei’s long running dominance of the music business. Rimba Ville Boyz is geared to swag on. 2010 best teens rappers ALIVE!

Associated Artistes : Snapp Beatz, Noty Boy, Mr.BlingBling, Smurv, Myke, Reezy Ruocks & Freezle.

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other pages on : R.V.Boyz Music & Snapp Beatz Music.

Request the songs “We RVBoyz” by R.V.Boyz and “Bersama Mu” by R.V.Boyz feat. Myke ONLY ON Pelangi 914FM and UBD FM.

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All of the R.V.Boyz's beats/songs and music produced by Snapp Daddy for R.V.Boyz Clique, recorded at SnappBeatz Records Studios, songs mixed by Noty Boy asst by Snapp Daddy at Snapp Beatz Records Studios.
Brunei Darussalam To Malaysia To S'Pore To U.S.A To ATL!!!

-R.V.Boyz International-

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Snapp Beatz®

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