Sunday, September 5, 2010

Claws/Uroboros - Profile And Biography

Uroboros is a band made up by a group of good friends/brothers whose passion is all about music and

music playing itself. Earlier known as CLAWS since 2006 and winning competitions host by Minister of

Culture,Youth and Sport. Re-establish with the name Uroboros early 2009. Some people still address the

band as claws. As for now, our music is more to Progressive Metal and Hard Rock and we write our on


Uroboros biggest achievements is winning 1st place at the RTB Amplified Battle Of The Bands.

Aman (male, age:25) - Guitar, Vocal, Main Composer & the bands leader

Azim (male, age: 22) - Drum

Bogey(male, age: 23) - Bass

Zeemah(Female, age: 21) - Vocal

Sai(male, age: 24) – Guitar

Website :

Or simply search for CLAWS in Facebook.

We wish to represent Brunei as one of the finest bands amongst the best band out there. So hopefully,

local radio stations can help promote and supports us.

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