Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not Famous

Not Famous formed in 2001. A 3-piece band that includes, Adam (Vocals/Guitar), Asa (Vocals/Bass) & Paul (Drums).

Not Famous released their first self-titled album with 537 Records/Onas Musical & Production Studio November 2005.

The album includes 10 songs with popular tracks such as 'Another Sad Story', 'Second Song' & 'It's All Over'.

In between the year 2005 - 2006, Not Famous has also release a malay single entitled 'Janganlah Kau Pergi' and following with another single track entitled 'Day After Tomorrow' which supposedly to make it to the second album in 2007. Music can be found on

During the long period hiatus (so many reasons why), 1 of all reasons, is to find a recording studio & a new management. Between the years of 06 - 08, Asa, Adam & Paul went with other bands for new experiences and developments of music genres from rock/metal, R&B & Reggae.

Asa was involve with a project band called 'One Morning Project' which included members from 'Wan Long Kok' as well as producer Faadzil Osman (former manager). Creating music in such way that changed the whole identity from his original aspects. As the guitarist, he studied new song-writing skills & created some awesome materials. Music were recorded at Onas Musical & Production Studio.

Adam created 'Visions 13' with his close friend Atoi. They wrote music materials together as Atoi was passionate enough to understand how Adam wanted to develop his guitar techniques by harmonizing melodic riffs as Adam also hung around with Mawie of 'Karacoma' in the early stages admiring the guitar works he had used. Adam performed with V13 in various places and recorded all his materials with digital drums and a basic 'plug-in' guitar. Some of the unheard music will be dragged into the next album.

Paul in the other hand had joined and performed with various bands/groups through out the years and a sessionist drummer for A Band Once. He created 'Incorporate Behavior' in the beginning of 2008. Paul listens to all kinds of music nowadays and practices in every spare time that he has. Designing new beats and ultimately improvising all the common drum techniques that he had used in the past. He discovered that, even a basic pattern can actually become a powerful substance to any song. He had recorded a couple of songs with Incorporate Behaviour and Mic Bandits where he played styles that has never been heard off on any of the NF tracks.

Not Famous is back for the 2nd album in 2010!

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