Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJ - TELL ME (Lyrics)

AJ - TELL ME (Lyrics)

Verse 1. C F C F7
I'm finding in sequence, falling in distance, crawling and fighting waiting for you .

verse2. C F Am G
how can it be , soo far apart, waiting for you to be with me.

bridge. F C Am G
i don't know how can i make things right, to show you that i really in love with you.

Chorus. C
please comeback to me. F7
please show it can be. Am G
please baby tell me that you love me. C F7 Am G
baby give me a chance,make me your hero,lend me your heart don't C
leave me till zero. F7 C
Oh baby tell me why.

2nd single.
established 2011.
Phuturephase Production Studio.

Yazid PHY

Full Name : Awangku Muhamad Yazid Bin Pengiran Haji Yusof.
Act. Name : Yazid phy
D.O.B. : 13th July 1993


RnB, Slow Rock, Jazz, Soul, PoP, and etc.

-Music Arranger

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nash Opens Shop, Launches Albums

Brunei's own Nash, who has been making strides in the Indonesian music scene, recently launched his album 'Satu Untuk Ku' and also his mini album 'Dewi' at the Airport Mall in Berakas.

The launching was concurrently held with the opening ceremony of Nash's mobile shop, the 'Nash Shop', at the Airport Mall.

Popular artistes and bands, such as Maria, Rafiz, The Seeds, D'Hask, Rapul and E.M4, pulled in the crowd during the two-in-one event.

The album, which includes Nash's hit song 'Dewi' and several others of his new songs, is now available at the Airport Mall.

According to Hadizul bin Omar, Manager at Megavision Artist Management, Megavision Production House, which manages Nash, the singer has now become an entrepreneur.

He had recorded and released his first album 'Satu Untuk Ku' earlier this year in Indonesia and received accolades for his hit song 'Dewi'. "He is one of the breakthrough artistes there and it is quite a significant achievement for a Bruneian to record and release an album in Indonesia," he said.

Hadizul said that Megavision Production House's objective is to give opportunities to locals and youths in the country to be more creative and artistic in producing their works and to be more vibrant and accentuated in line with regional and international music industry.

"This is in support of our local music enthusiasts," he added.

Meanwhile, Megavision Artist Management is a new project by Megavision that strives to scout and eventually produce internationally-acclaimed local talents to further elevate the creative juices of local music enthusiasts as well as to expand Brunei's music industry.

Megavision will be hosting "Night of Stars 2011" with the concept of a mini concert on November 12 at the Muhibbah Hall, Royal Brunei Recreation Club.

Apart from fun-activities and various performances, the night will also be attended by popular artistes such as Jazz Hayat, Rapul Rezal, The Seeds, Iron Dragon, Nash, Rafiz, Safur and E.M4 who will be entertaining the crowd during the event that is supported by Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports and the Brunei Tourism Board.

Zul Faden's album & website launch

IT WAS definitely a night to remember for Brunei's top local artist Zul Faden, formerly known as Zul F as he officially launched his latest album 'Memori Cinta' last Saturday at the Jerudong Park Mini Amphitheatre.

His latest album includes 10 songs written by Zul Faden himself, co-produced by Lily Chiam and Hans Anuar. Hans wrote the song 'Sepi' in which both Zul and Hans did a duet for the album.

According to Zul, this album is his official full length album with the previous being a single.

"I really enjoyed working together with Lily Chiam and Hans Anuar whom I both consider as my mentors," said Zul Faden.

He said that he hopes his new album would appeal to the masses and as of now are trying to promote the album not only locally but also to the international market such as in Japan and other regional countries.

"I want to go international so to get there I have to be versatile. It coincides with my interest too as I love to sing in a variety of foreign languages.

"And I've also picked up a few words in Japanese, Mandarin and also Tagalog along the way,"

When asked about his role as an artist, Zul explained that it entails a social obligation to bring out positive messages to the community.

"We must look after ourselves, the way we talk to people and more importantly, we must be humble and show respect," said Zul

An artist has to dream big, be disciplined and willing to work hard to get where they want to be, he enthused.

With his music career taking off, Zul Faden is also counting on the possibility of acting in the near future as he harbours an interest to act in soap operas and dramas.

"I've been approached in the past by a few RTB producers to do dramas...with Allah SWT's blessings if there's any offer to do acting, I'm very interested to play the role of a villain as it (interests me most)," he said.

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