Sunday, September 5, 2010

Epic Frequency

epicFrequency was created in 2005. With its original members Ferdouse, Farhan, Gmiee, Aziman and Fee.

The band was originally formed to perform in a SOAS/STPRI Gala night in 2005 and the band remained and started to perform in many functions especially during School Farewell parties and Fairs.

In 2006,Sylvan joined eF as eF's Keyboardist. The band continued to perform various songs, ranging from Malay, French, Japanese and English languages.

The band also performed with various musicians such as Syafiq Affendy (A Band Once), Yean (Thermal.Collision), Hadi (Divine Intervention), Hakeem & Yas (Undergrip)


- UBD FBEPS Gala Night




- February 15th, performed in Business School Funfair

- November 7th, epicFrequency performed at Jerudong Park Mini-amphitheater


- January 9th, performed at JPCC Mini-Amphitheatre

- February 6th, invited to play for St. Margaret Prom Nite "The Night Life of 2010"


Ferdouse - Lead Guitar

Farhan - Rhythm

Gmiee - Drummer

Sylvan - Keyboard

Ziman - Bass

Fee - Vocal


International Rock

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