Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview With Putri Norizah


SBA: How old were you when you knew you could sing?
PUTRI: when i was 2? coz that was when i started to play with microphone... thats what my mom said.. haha :P

SBA: Who encouraged you to sing?
PUTRI: My parents, of course... :)

SBA: How would you describe your voice?
PUTRI: Versatile?

SBA: What do you fear the most?
PUTRI: bad sorethroat! eee... scary...

SBA: Which singers do you admire?
PUTRI: i admire Michael Buble like alot alot! :D

SBA:What would your motto be?
PUTRI: Believe In yourself, anything is possible. :)

SBA: What characteristic do you dislike about yourself?
PUTRI: I can be so pelupa at times... :( but i can memorised lyrics well though.. haha yatah bari sasak tu sometimes..hee

SBA: What is your favourite piece of music?
PUTRI: Lullaby Of Birdland By Ella Fitzgerald

SBA: Describe yourself in three words:
PUTRI: simple, unique, open-minded.

SBA: If you went to the moon, what would you take with you?
PUTRI: can i bring my lappy with me?:) and oh not to forget my Ipod!

SBA: If you weren't a singer, what would you be?
PUTRI: I would be a normal student.

SBA: What is the best advice you've been given, and who gave it?
PUTRI: this is hard.. coz i've been given alot of good advices from the people around me.. :)

SBA: What gives you satisfaction in your work?
PUTRI: love & support from the fans :D

SBA: What is your favourite role?
PUTRI: Being just ME..

SBA: What would you like to achieve musically, and why?
PUTRI: to be known internationally, of course :)

SBA: How would you like to be remembered?
PUTRI: the one and only Putri Norizah. :D an Icon? :)

SBA: What was the worst criticism ever received as an artiste?
PUTRI: Alhamdulillah.. so far inda plg ada :)

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