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TheHappyDuo ; Khairul and Faryzzan ♥

First single 'Antara Cinta Kita' was released on June 3rd,2009 by Pelangi FM.

The second song 'Satu' insyAllah will be release soon :)

The singing was actually started when we noticed that we're capable on singing together. Khairul are more on creating the melody and Faryzzan more to writing lyrics.

We never plan being one of the Bruneian artist, sort of. For sure, we're not that famous like other local artist. We love to mingle with some people, we're friendly. Just say hai, we'll reply HAIIIII!!! *OVER!* Hahaha apakan?

Why TheHappyDuo?

Well, as what we see in ourselves, we're a very happy one and 'Duo'? Kami dua orang! Hehe.

Maybe some of the people doesn't like us, but that's their problem because we are good to people. So yeahh, we have our own life. We love each other and hoping for the best for our future.

Special thanks to all who support us, TheHappyDuo. Hanya Allah dapat membalas semua atuu. Chehh~ Hehe.

Loves! ♥

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