Sunday, September 5, 2010


THREE local artistes Rafiz, Nash and Dillah(The Seeds) expressed their appreciation to fans and members of the public who partook in the soft launching oftheir first album entitled ‘Tiga’

The album released has ten songs, which is a compilation of various different local artists, contains three genres of melody including Pop, Slow and Ballads.

The album was also said to meet the taste of all listeners from a wide age group. Rafiz told the bulletin after the launching that he wished to thank all his fans for their kind support to him and this album, which is a wonderful gift.

Dillah who is much more popular with his group, The Seeds, said that he treated this album as a bonus as it provided opportunity and experience recording as a solo artiste. Nash said that he was intending to use this album as a base-platform for him to take more steps further into the music industry. Among the ten songs loaded in this album are Erti Hidup Mu, Cerita Aku dan Dia, Kau Milik Ku (Duet with Maria), Hanya Kenangan, Janji, Hentikan, Ingat Aku, Satu Untuk Ku and R-09, which is predicted to be successful hit.


Tiga album consists of 3 solo artistes namely ;

Nash Hakimin

Dillah The Seeds

Rafiz Majid



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