Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Monopolist - Profile and Biography

The Monopolists are a Bruneian rock band formed in early 2009. They play mostly Indie, Garage, Rock and Roll music.

The members are :

Amin Aziz Rahman - Guitar/Vocals

Qawiem Jamil - Guitar/Vocals

Hazwan Azani - Guitar

Nuruddin Sufian - Bass

Maliki Aziz - Drums

They are heavily influenced by Indie rock bands such as The Strokes, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. Upon release of their debut single 'Second Best', the song has received a lot of air-time and positive feedback from the public.

The Monopolists have performed live on both 90.7 Kristal FM and 91.4 Pelangi FM. They played their originals and also covers from their influences. They have also performed at many private functions and had their first-ever public gig on the 29th of May 2010 as an opening act for the band 'Karacoma' at Chill Cafe, The Mall Gadong.

The band started out of the boys' curiosity. Hazwan, Amin and Qawiem started jamming one day, wanted to feel what was it like to play music. They started playing while attending school at Maktab Sains. This was back in 2007 where Amin and Hazwan have just started learning to play the guitar. Amin, Qawiem, Hazwan and Din were all classmates. Later, Din joined and they started playing instrumental acoustic music. They have performed at their school hall for numerous functions.

They were then introduced to The Strokes and their passion for music has grown even stronger. All they needed then was a drummer. Maliki who was schooling at Maktab Duli, Din's and Amin's cousin and a primary school friend of Hazwan's joined the band after being persuaded by Amin and Din. All of them had the same music taste and this made them even closer as a band.

The Monopolists released Second Best in January 2010. The song was recorded at Victorious Studios in Lumut, Kuala Belait. Qawiem wanted the vocals to sound like it came out from a broken speaker to make it sound more 'rock and roll'. This technique was also used by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. The second single 'Moving In Time' was also recorded on that day with Amin on the vocals.

All of the members of The Monopolists are still attending school and this year is their final year.

“Keep on supporting, spread the word and enjoy good music.”

Contact the band-

Hazwan (8646040) or

Din (8837918)

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