Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview With Juju


SBA: How old were you when you knew you could sing?
JUJU: Im not so sure, but I think it was when I sang to some classic laser discs songs when I was young? If I’m not mistaken, I was in Primary 2 then

SBA: Who encouraged you to sing?
JUJU: My family and friends have been my biggest supporters, who persuaded me to improve myself and who always keep me grounded. Then throughout the years, fans and supporters also keeps me going to sing as well.

SBA: How would you describe your voice?
JUJU: I’m not so sure. Lol. I think it’s deep and it has a good resonant tone? I guess listeners are a better judge to that.

SBA: What do you fear the most?
JUJU: In life, what I fear the most is having to lose the people I love and leave this world without having much faith religiously. That is my biggest fear.

SBA: Which singers do you admire?
JUJU: Internationally, Alanis Morissette has been my number 1 inspiration. She is multi-talented, a very honest and humble artist and practically I have always wanted to be like her. What inspires me the most about her is that she writes and makes music with her heart and soul, speaks her mind through her songs and melodies.

Nationally, Diana Latiff is one of my favourite female singers. She has a husky, soulful voice and personally a very inspiring motivator as well.

SBA: What would your motto be?
JUJU: One of my mottos in life is “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. I can go on and on about mottos and quotes that I live by but this one is what I’ve always tell myself since I was still a kid.

SBA: What characteristic do you dislike about yourself?
JUJU: There are many characteristics about myself that I hate! I am short-tempered, easily annoyed with things I don’t like, it is hard for me to hide my facial expression if I dislike something and I am very persuasive when I want something done.

SBA: What is your favourite piece of music?
JUJU: My heart is very close to alternative rock/pop although I’ve been making R&B/hip-hop songs. I guess I listen to alot of genres and blend everything with the current music.

SBA: Describe yourself in three words:
JUJU: Sensitive, persuasive and optimistic

SBA: If you went to the moon, what would you take with you?
JUJU: Hahaha. Quran? Because I bet I need to get close to God as much as I can before I die there.

SBA: If you weren't a singer, what would you be?
JUJU: I seriously have no idea. Lol. Being a singer is just a part time thing, therefore if I don’t do singing as a part time hobby, then I guess I’ll be a part-time kickboxer!

SBA: What is the best advice you've been given, and who gave it?
JUJU: I get many advices from people, close friends and acquaintances, but the best advices I get is always from my parents. Back then when I was a teenager, like every young blood, you tend to ignore advices or just get annoyed by it but as you grow older, you tend to realize every single bit of their advices are for your own good and it helps. Hence, all advices from my parents are the best for me.

SBA: What gives you satisfaction in your work?
JUJU: The fact that people appreciate my work and what I do, and how much time and effort I’ve put into it, that satisfy me. Not only does it satisfy me, but I’ve reached what I wanted. A recognized piece of work, whether it is music, or any kind of work I have to deliver.

SBA: What is your favourite role?
JUJU: In life? I guess, to be myself. I play myself is my favourite role because I don’t have to lie to be someone else I’m not.

SBA: What would you like to achieve musically, and why?
JUJU: I would perhaps, like to be recognized by my composition, from the lyrics I’ve wrote and to have to inspire people by what I have to deliver from within. It is in a way, satisfying to know you have expressed yourself in a way others recognize the value of. That is what I have always wanted, and still is, what I want to achieve musically.

SBA: How would you like to be remembered?
JUJU: Perhaps I would just like to be remembered as what you believe I am to be. I can’t mull over reasons to make people remember me as who I want myself to be remembered. As long as I keep my ground, be myself, respect everyone and my surrounding, insyaAllah I’ll be remembered in a good way.

SBA: What was the worst criticism ever received as an artiste?
JUJU: I guess it’s the fact people think you do the things you do for fame, and that you are arrogant after being called as an ‘artiste’. But if you get to know a person on a personal level, you tend to change your mind eventually. People tend to assume and judge quickly too, especially now that you are in the public eye. As far as I’m concerned, other Bruneian artists feel the same way because that is just the way it is when you’re a recognized. You can never shut people’s mouths and change their minds the way you want them to be. Therefore as an ‘artiste’, you just have to be open about things and accept criticism to be a better person and learn from it

SBA: First song ever sung?
JUJU: Lol. If I’m not mistaken, it is Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow. My first karaoke song!

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