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Maria - Profile And Biography

Real Name : Meria Aires
Stage Name: Maria
Date Of Birth: 16th Februari 1989
Place of Birth: Brunei Darussalam
Zodiac: Aquarius
Interest: Listening to Muzik,Play Gitar,Songwriting,Reading
Sports: Cycling ,Jogging & Swimming
Marital status: Single
Language(s)spoken: Malay,English and Chinese

Emel: /
Contact Number: +6738187949 (Hjh Zaimah " Manager ")

Facebook: Maria Aires Maria Fans Club (OFFICIAL) , Hjh Zaimah Rahman

Maria became a successful artist when she was join Suara Bintang Keputeraan Competition contest in conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam's birthday celebrations. At that time, she was still studying at the Raja Isteri Girls High School. Her current manager is Hjh Zaimah. Maria never aimed for a career in singing, but her talent has come naturally. Her ambition is actually in the field of medicine and she works hard towards this.

Maria debuted her first album with the band N'Destine, and is due to release her second album in early / mid February. Maria is also currently nominated for Brunei's most popular female singer. With a humble attitude and a personal commitment towards doing her best on whatever she does, Maria is a top-flight singer who can hold her own against other, foreign artists.

Maria has performed at various state functions such as His KBDYM Majesty's Birthday. She also regularly performs at corporate events such as those from Baiduri Bank Group (she is a spokeswoman for this bank's FAST product) and TOTAL.

Maria recently won Most Popular Female Artist at the 2008 RTB awards.


# Launching Album "Maria And Destine" 2005

# Launching Album" Maria Sesaat Kau Hadir" 2009


# 1st Place in Top 35 Featured Bruneian Artist in Pelangi FM (2006)

# Chosen Female Vocalist in Anugerah Pelangi (2006/2007)

# Pelangi Artist of the Year (2006-2007)

# Pelangi Artist of the Month (May 2007)

# Pelangi Artist of the Month (May 2008)

# Penyanyi Wanita Popular (Anugerah RTB 2008)

# Chosen Female Vocalist in Anugerah Pelangi (2008/2009)

# Most Voted BMOBILE Artists(Pelangi Awards 2009)

# Penyanyi Wanita Popular (Anugerah RTB 2009)

# Penyanyi Popular(Anugerah RTB 2010)
# Best Female Artis(Cool-Tone Awards 2010)


-Mini Konsert Dinning Under the Stars - Jerudong Park Musical Fountain Gardens (2007)
-Senandung Muhibbah RTB/RTM Kuala Lumpur (2008)
-Anugerah RTB Performance (2008)
-RTB Appreciation Night Concert (2009)
-Pelangi Artis Of The Month ( May 2007)
-Pelangi Artis Of The Month (May 2009)
-1st Place in Top 35 featured Bruneian Artists - Pelangi FM (2006)
-1st Place in Top Bruneian Artists - pelangi FM ( 2009)


# Bisik Hati ( 2005)

# Aku Atau Dia ( 2006)

# Waktu (2007)

# Kau Tetap Milik Ku (2007)

#Jatuh Cinta (2009)

# Sesaat Kau Hadir (2009)

# Kau Segalanya (2009)

# Waktu Remix ( 2009)

#  Kini Berakhir Sudah ( 2010 )


# Radio Released Single "Bisik Hati (2005)

# Radio Released Single "Aku Atau Dia" (2006)

# Radio Released Single "Tiada Lagi" (2006)

# Radio Released Single "Kau Tetap Milik Ku"

- a duet with The Seeds (2007)

# Radio Released Single "Anugerah" - a duet with Hans Anwar (2007)

# Radio Released Single "Waktu" (2007)

# Radio Released Single "Tonight" (2008)

#Radio Released Single " Jatuh Cinta" (2009)

# Radio Release Single"Sesaat Kau Hadir"(2009)

# Radio Release Single" Kau Segalanya r"(2009)

# Radio Release Single"Semarak Syawal Mulia"(2009)

# Radio Release Single " Kini Berakhir Sudah " (2010)

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