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Nation Of Hydroge - Profile And Biography

Nation Of Hydroge

Nation of Hydroge has been formed since 2006. With its hiatus for about 2 years with line-ups arrangement, only one member has stayed since from the very first beginning. The current line-ups are one great bunch of close friends when almost all of the members are in one school back when they were teen.

Nation of Hydroge consists of Ezat, the first vocalist and Zerul as the second. Reffen on the first guitar, Jimi on the bass, Harry on the drum and Malik, as the second guitarist as well as the leader for the band. The words Nation of Hydroge are actually coming from the word hydrogenation. From the idea of the word itself, literally, means the production, extraction of new assets of the world, and so are they.

The band's very first gig was at Nu' Blood gig which was held at Jerudong back in '06 with the very first line-ups. After the hiatus for few years, the band was then invited to play at some functions. It was then they have started to be active and in 2009, they were invited for a fashion show at a hotel in Jerudong, were a finalist in Amplified Battle of the Band 2010 which was organized by RTB and also, Becoming a semi-finalist in RedTix RedAMP ASEAN BEST BAND.

The band is now gaining experiences as they move along the local music scene. With the current competition in the growth of local scene, the band is now in their process in with the song compositions and recordings.

For booking and inviting Nation Of Hydroge to perform for gigs, events, shows, private functions,please contact our Manager :
Sam Siren ( Karacoma )
Malik of NOH.

Ezat : First vocalist
Zerul : Second vocalist
Harry : Drummer
Jimmy : Bassist
Reffen : First guitarist
Malik : Second guitarist

Indie Rock, Alternative Rock , Punk Rock, Heavy Rock, Hardcore



Current Location:

General Manager:
Sam Karacoma

Booking Agent: - Malik

Press Contact: - Malik

Nation of Hydroge
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