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Lily Chiam - Profile And Biography

If you believe you can, You Can! There is power in your thoughts! Put on the right music and get inspired! "Together" will motivate you to run the extra miles! - Local Artist, Lily Chiam

Lily was born in Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam. Having been caught on camera as early as 8 months old playing on a toy piano, Lily's love for music has grown into a great passion for life and the expression of the arts for all.

As a young girl, her parents disagree of her learning piano because they think it's just a luxury expense. But Lily did not give up, at the age of 10, she was helping her mom to do side work so she can earn and save money to sustain her love for music. Later on, she purchased her first keyboard where she started learning on her own.

Lily's childhood reflected a sound and somewhat conservative approach to learning but she always harbored her dream to further her musical passion, but it wasn't until she was 16 that her English teacher recommended she take her first formal piano lesson, she was to learn fast as the power of her passion was given opportunity to live out loud. In an almost unheard of speed Lily finished five Grades in less than 2 years having 60 piano students even before she finished her own Grade 8. After finishing her Grade 8 Piano, Lily went to Canada to North America Baptist College. She became one of personal students of the famous late pianist Dr Lejano in Edmonton and did her Bachelor of Arts in Music at University of Alberta. She successfully obtained a double degree in AAR Music and BA .Lily started performing tours in both North America (Canada and USA) as well as Asia.

In 1996, Lily returned to Brunei and founded Expression Music School. A school that has now become a premier musical establishment in Brunei. Lily's vision is to nurture music students and music lovers in Brunei Darussalam through providing quality music teaching, learning resources, instruments supplies and services. With over 600 students weekly Lily and her staff of highly qualified professionals make fulfilling the dreams of many young musicians to bring out the best in each of them, through lessons, performances as well as concerts.

In 2004, The 1st Expression Music 'The Dream Begins' Mega Charity Concert at Empire Theater was a great success.

In 2006, The 2nd Expression Music 'The Dream Expands' Mega Charity Concert again at Empire Theater was fantastic in collaboration with international pianist Roger Lord from Canada and New York Broadway Creative Producer Richard Fowler from Australia.

Part of the proceeds of the concerts were donated to a charity orphanage in support of 'DANA Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al- Muhtadee Billah Untuk Anak-Anak Yatim'

In 2008, March 6, Lily was selected by Alliance Frances to represent Brunei to perform in The French Touch Festival, together with artists from Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Madagascar, France and Bulgaria in Mumbai, India.

In the same year, May 6, Lily was featured in the Canada Alumni poster , representing Brunei as one of the successful alumni along with 8 other celebrities chosen from Asia: Loas, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia.

In 2008, May 11, the 3rd Expression Music 'The Dream Ascends' Mega Charity Concert, held at the International Convention Center was marked as another huge success. This time, with together with 3 International Producers and Artists from New York and Sydney so as to give the students maximum opportunities to develop greater level of performance confidence and quality. Making for an all 'round rich nation strengthening experience.' At the peak of her leading others into their own passionate artistic expression, Lily also released her first CD album entitled "Together" with the help of New York Broadway Creative Producer Richard Fowler from Australia that evening.

Richard says "It is with great pleasure that I introduce the amazing talents of Lily Chiam. She is fast becoming one of the brightest artist composers in her region. Her music rings with clarity that places the album is a collaboration spanning over one year. We had the pleasure of recording in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Los Angeles and New York. TOGETHER is a labour of love intended for your pleasure. Enjoy it many times over."

Lily was also awarded the Certificate Of Excellence from Canada High Commissioner, Mr Leopold Battel that glamorous night.

In March - April 2010, Lily was asked to judge the National Choir for Secondary government schools competitions and the National Choir for primary government schools.

In June 25 -29, 09, Lily has been invited to perform in Bulgaria, Polodiv at the Roman Theatre together with other 10 countries from the European region.

In Oct 28,08 -Nov 3, 09 Lily has also been invited to the Second South East Asia Directors of Music Meeting (SEADOM) and the Performer's Voice Symposium, organized by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore (supported by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts) to strengthen the ties, exchange of ideas on different aspects and issues related to musical education in South East Asia region.

In 2010, May 11, the 4th Expression Music 'Leap Of Creation' Mega Charity Concert, held at the International Convention Center was marked as another huge success. Together with 2 International Producers from Sydney, Richard Fowler and Simon Scouller and during that concert, Lily released her new EP featuring local artistes of Brunei Zul F, DJ Z, Pei Pei, Shian Li. TeaJ and etc. This new EP will depict new rhythms and new beats of international standard that is one of a kind!

In June 25 -29, 10 Lily has again been invited to perform in Bulgaria, Polodiv at the Roman Theatre together with other 10 countries from the European region.

Besides music, Lily also indulge in the Art's world. In Arts, Lily's interest in painting began when she was a child and she has since visited museums and art galleries all over the world, with an unceasing continual fascination in human artistic expression. She studied with Brunei renowned artist – Marsidi Bin Omar.

Her powerful inspiration and imagination are reflected in her bold, driving and colorful paintings employing interesting range of concepts and mediums.

Lily enjoys poetry and writes a lot of poems and inspiration quotes on facebook and twitter.

Through her music, poetry and and paint brushes, she found her "freedom of expression" ...

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