Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm not here - fakhrul razi and estella ilhaam

i'm not here

written and composed by : estella ilhaam

vocals : fakhrul razi and estella ilhaam

Baby, I remember

All the little things you did

It'll stay with me forever

Maybe, if we never

Started what we had

We could be starting now all over

Even though

My sorrow

Doesn't show

It's been too long

This sad love song

I'm moving on


I'll tell you that I am sorry

Cause I know it's getting lonely

But I can't turn the sands of time that's led us to this place

In your heart you understand me

Cause you know you're just as guilty

Innocence and naivete passed away

Baby I, baby I, baby I'm not here

Lately, I've succumbed to

All the little things you said

That ended up as untrue

Made me, give up on you

Give up on a love that ailed me

Didn't you feel the same?

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