Friday, August 20, 2010


Real Name: Faiz Bin Nawi

Stage Name: Faiz

Date of Birth : 29th April 1979

Awards and Recognition

1st runner up in Bintang RTB 97

1st Runner Up in Canang Citra Budaya 2007 (Traditional Malay Singing Contest)

Nominee for Best Male Vocalist Anugerah Pelangi 2004- 2005 (Pelangi Music Awards)

Nominee for Best Male Vocalist Anugerah Pelangi 2006-2007 (Pelangi Music Awards)

Represented Brunei Darussalam in Exchange Programmes, Regional Competition & Local Performances

1998 - SukmaIrama RTB/Suria MEDIACORP Singapore

1999 - 20th South East Asian Games Brunei Darussalam

2000 - APEC Gala Night Dinner

2001 - Senandung Muhibbah RTB/RTM

2004 – Malam Jambangan Kasih (For the Royal Couple)

2004 – Senandung Muhibbah RTM/RTB, Kuala Lumpur

2005 – Anugerah Planet Muzik, Singapore

2006 – Konsert Dirgahayu Emas 60

2006 - Malam Serumpun Seri & Temasya Pantun Aidilfitri RTM & RTB

2006 – Temasya Pantun RTM/RTB, Kuching Sarawak

2007 - Senandung Muhibbah RTB/RTM, Brunei Darussalam

2008 - SMARTER Charity Concert JPCC, Amphitheatre in collabration with SMARTER and Universiti Brunei Darussalam's, Institute of Medicine.

2008 - ASEAN Golden Melodies Festival, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2008 - Naning International Folk Song & Arts Festival. Naning, China

2009 - Carnival Anugerah RTB 2008 peformance. International Convention Centre, Bandar Seri Begawan.

2009 - RAPSODI HITZ, Mediacorp Suria, Singapore & RTB, Brunei Darussalam. Singapore

Singles And Albums

20th SEA GAMES 1999 - Compilation of Theme Songs (Various Artists/ Album)

PHUTUREPHASE PRESENTS VOL.1 - Compilation Singles 2003 (Various Artists/ Album)

AIDILFITRI 2003 - (Various Artists/ E.P.)

PHUTUREPHASE PRESENTS VOL.2 - Compilation Singles 2004 (Various Artists/Album)

DALAM DIAM ADA CINTA– Single Produced for RTB Sitcom (Solo/ Single)

JALINAN AIDILFITRI 2004 - (Various Artists/Album)

RENTAK 914 - (Various Artists/Album)

ASIA AID Brunei Darussalam - (Various Artists/Album)

RENTAK 914 (Vol. 2) - (Various Artists/Album)

RENTAK 914 (Vol. 3) - (Various Artists/Album)

SEPERTI YANG LAIN – Joint Production album between PhuturePhase Productions (Brunei Darussalam) and MilleniumArts Sdn Bhd/Life Records (Malaysia)

BERHENTI DI SINI– (Solo/ Single)

TIADA GANTI– Words by Faiz (Solo/ Single)

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