Friday, August 20, 2010


Name: Awangku Syed Addy Ammirul Ammar Bin Pengiran Adnan

Nick Name: Lo’Ryder a.k.a Ammar a.k.a Emerald

Year born: 1982

Date of Birth: 17th May

Horoscope: Taurus

Nationality: Bruneian

Profession: Entertainer / Salesman

Hobby: Radio Controlled Models (Helicopters, Cars, Airplanes), Customizing Cars

Albums and Singles: I Ain’t (single)2003, For Better Days (Single)2003, PhuturePhase Presents Vol.1, PhuturePhase Presents Vol.2, Rentak 914 and Jalinan Aidilfitri

Represented Brunei Darussalam :

Japan-ASEAN POP Project "Treasure The World" Image Song and J-ASEAN POP CONCERT in Yokohama, Japan 2003 and Pattaya Music Festival, Thailand 2004

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