Friday, August 20, 2010

L.One Feat Aimi

L.One is a Bruneian band which has been established since April 2008. This band consists of 5 members namely Adie, Hadeey, Waem, Amez and Apiz. Initially, this band was known as Flexi since all the band members are ‘flexible’ with all different kinds of music instruments.

However, due to certain problems, the members agreed to rename the band as L.One. L.One which comes from the word lone or other words single and the only one. This band has its own styles of playing music and has released two singles; Takkan Pernah Menyesal and Tentang Kita.

2009 is a meaningful year for L.One. L.One was announced as Pelangi Spotlite for the month of August. For Pelangi Awards 08/09, L.One was nominated for 2 categories: Chosen Newcomer and Chosen New Song. L.One won the category of Chosen New Song for the song Tentang Kita which featured Aimi as the violinist.

Alhamdulillah, L.One was also nominated for the VIMA 2010 for the Best Pop Group Category.

Just recently, L.One won the chart in the Top 25 Bruneian's most favourite songs through the song Tentang Kita. This chart is based on how many times the songs have been requested and how many times it has been played on the airwaves of Pelangi FM.

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