Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Journey - A Band Once (ABO)

A Band Once started off with two kids, determined to experience the feeling of performing at a show despite their limited musical knowledge and know-how.

These kids, Syafiq and Izzat, hung out often as they were kampong friends who met through Syafiq's cousin and Izzat's neighbour, Hamizan.

The year was 2003-2004 when they initially jammed out as a three-piece, with another kampong friend Izud, now the band Undergrip's drummer, every chance they could.

Because Izud had to concentrate playing with Undergrip, the two boys had to find a replacement drummer. Luckily Izzat was closely acquainted with Azam from Airholes, who went to the same form six school as ABO drummer Padil.

Padil and Izzat were introduced at a function sometime in 2005, where Izzat and Syafiq also got closer to the twin brothers Adi and Khai, who are now ABO's bassist and keyboardist respectively.

August 2005, Syafiq and Izzat were offered a slot to perform at a gala night, held at a small hall in the ICC. Padil agreed to play the drums for the event, and the trio also sought help from Syafiq's cousin Yazid to play the bass for some songs and Airholes' Midi to sing a few.

The five got together and practised at Starmakers, which offers free one hour jamming at the blue room with ten receipts of jamming in the red room, or something like that.

In order to claim the free hour, the band name used needs to be the same.

Syafiq figured, "Hey, we're only gonna be jamming this once," while being pressured by the rest with lots of silly band names, "ok lah, let's just call ourselves 'A Band Once', we're all not gona be doing this again anyway."

But hooo boy, Syafiq figured wrongly. Hantap.

After that gig, the original trio really felt the hype of performing in front of everyone, and from that point onwards, Adi volunteered to play the bass for another gig that the band played at, and another gig Khai played the keyboards for us.

A Band Once played small events and gigs as a five-piece, but Syafiq knows better about his singing abilities thus searches on for a new vocalist.

And then one day, ABO played for a prom night and met Faizul who was singing for another band which was formed just for the night.

After that gig, we started hanging out with Faizul and Adib, which led to music talk, where Faizul performed a few songs with the band for an AIDS Council event.

ABO and Faizul then went on to more performances, most significant was the MD Prom at the Empire Hotel in 2006.

Recently winning the Chosen Newcomer Award at the Pelangi Awards 2008/2009, A Band Once is determined to give more to their fans, at the same time produce more high quality music and maybe one day infiltrate the international market.

And now their journey continues..

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