Sunday, October 10, 2010

Udi Luqman - Profile And Biography

Udi Luqman

  • Genre: Alternative / Experimental / Rock
    Location Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Muara, BN
    Record Label Udi Records
    Type of Label Indie

  • Udi Luqman is the founder and the owner of his own independent label Udi Records which was officiated in Brunei Darussalam in the year of 2010. It is a home-based studio production company first initiated ever since 2002 with various unofficial tracks produced on a low-budget project basis for his clients.

    He produced, composed, wrote, arranged, conducted and engineered most of the work completed under this flag. He's been involved in various live local performances as a supporting musician on piano and guitar, and on some other occasions he would be the front-man of the band (vocalist). Recently (2010), he's actively producing his own unofficial music releases digitally on an underground level, away from the local public ears, and only known and exposed to few niche listeners and audiences.
    As of Brunei, he was selected as 'Pelangi Spotlight' on the local radio station 'Rangkaian Pelangi' on March 2009 for the purpose of introducing his act and music to the Local Brunei audiences. The song was the only one-hit-wonder piece submitted by himself called 'Ayat Tersirat'. Before releasing his next official songs, in the 1 year span, he's been producing and collaborating for/with other local acts and music with variety of styles and genres (Nizam, We're Not a Band, UBDFM Jingles to name a few) . In time, more releases will be officially produced for the public to listen, digest and appreciate the true meaning of arts under the official flag named, Udi Records.

    A catchy and upbeat guitar strums down to slow ballad piano melodies on this album which were written and produced by Udi himself. Seamlessly meaningful lyrics that would hook the minds of the listeners. Colorful ambient of instruments molding the aura of Udi's musical touch to your soul!
    Udi as his stage name, a multi-instrumentalist mainly focusing on vocal, piano and guitar; has been compiling and experimenting various genres in the musical field. He is now releasing his first contemporary pop album digitally under his own independent label 'Udi Records' in November 2010 on ITunes and several other digital outlet.
    He is an audiophile, a musician, a songwriter, a dreamer and a constant believer that music has the ability to communicate and heal the soul of a weakened and wounded heart, inspire and pump the adrenaline of an exhausted athlete; brings joy to every moment in life that are taken for granted. Music to him, is a vehicle to break the language barriers throughout the universe. He would spend countless of hours perfecting his craft and explore the endless possibilities of music in the creative realm of the Musical World and reveal the emotional truth that music can convey.
    He's been actively involved in several live show performances locally with various other talents in Brunei as a solo singer and a sessionist on piano and/or guitar as a supporting musician. In the studio, he made a seamless collaborations and produced tracks for singers as well.
    He's also active in other creative field such as live drama act and video production in the University he's currently attending, Univeristy Of Brunei Darussalam. As it was part of his course assignments, he was as part of a group, asked to produced a 30 minutes low budget film which was a comedy/romantic theme. The live drama acts were also a part of his Uni assignments, with his fellow friends, they played various roles for horror & sad stories.

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