Monday, October 11, 2010


Verse 1:
Been going on for so long,
I've been hiding all the truth from you all along,
I just can't let it out to break you down,
I just don't wanna see you cry.
I've been loving you for so long,
But I've been loving her for quiet a while now.
To make a choice I'd rather say to you
That my heart is on a two way lane.
Pre Chorus:
I've made a vow, to disallow
to split my heart into two.
But somehow, I realize
I have to let go
I should think about it,
I should think about it,
I should think to leave or be with you.
I really love you,
but I can't be true,
What should I do ?
Verse 2:
Just wanna tell you baby,
I just wanna be with you but I Can't lie.
It won't be fair to have the both of you,
To bare my love I have inside.
I don't wanna give it up,
But I've been a victim of a lonely heart.
I guess I'd rather be alone for a while,
Please give me space to think it through.
Repeat Pre Chorus
Repeat Chorus
Bridge :
I see the face of you when I'm with her,
And I just can't deny, the meeting was vague.
was about to let her go, but I just cant deny it.
I should think about it, How am I suppose to leave you.
I Really love you, But I can't be true
Repeat Chorus.

Originally Composed, Written, Arranged, Mixed & Engineered by Udi Luqman

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  1. I've been searching for this song for quite a while and recently I'd just realised that it was a Bruneian song :0 I was so starstruck by the song ! Where can I download the song ? :D