Sunday, October 10, 2010

SPEECHLESS - Zul F & Lily Chiam

Lily Chiam

Zul F

Song title: "SPEECHLESS"
Lyrics by: Zul F
Song & music: Lily Chiam and Richard Fowler

Standing here next to my shadow
Whispering words into the air
I feel the breeze caressing my face
I close my eyes as tears roll by

I'm gonna hear what my heart has to say
Now that you're near it's my time to say

Never...never thought I could fall
Never...never thought I would fall
Never...never thought I should fall

If you are the one let me fall deep
So deep I can't breathe without you
Catch me now...
Let me fall in your hands
I'll be yours forever...

Repeat pre-chorus & chorus till fade

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