Friday, October 29, 2010

Dinshe - Profile And Biography


1. Arif (Drummer)

2. Ewan (Lead Guitarist/ Vocalist)

3. Hariz (Rhythm Guitarist)

4. Olen (Bassist)

5. Fadil (Keyboardist)

6. Emi (Vocalist)

7. Saufan (Vocalist)






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Dinshe +6738614034


Dinshe is a Tutong based band, consists of seven members; Arif as the drummer, Fadil as the keyboardist, Olen the bass guitarist, Ewan the lead guitarist, Hariz as the rhythm guitarist, Emi the lead vocalist and Saufan as the second vocalist.

The band has been around for almost five years and had played in several cafes and private functions around Brunei.

One of the biggest gig we did was back in 2009, where we were invited to perform at Live Music @ Miri City Fair in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The band has released the first single called Andai Ada Peluang; (composed by Mona, songs and lyircs finalised by Ewan and Emi), last April 3rd, 2010, on Pelangi FM.

The second single, Kau Yang Terhebat; (songs and lyrics composed by the lead guitarist/ vocalist of the band, Ewan) then released on Kristal FM on the 7th August, 2010 and on Pelangi FM on the 13th August, 2010.

Other than that, we wish to be better in the future, so to support the music acts in Brunei, insyaAllah.

to everyone who has been supporting us since the beginning, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Music; love; Share it ♥

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