Monday, January 10, 2011

D'Hask spreads wings

Being the first Bruneian band to be featured on MTV Asia and had a cameo appearance by Pamela Anderson in their music video should have dropped the jaws of many. However, this was just the beginning of bigger surprises that has yet to be unearthed!

Photo by: Harrison Funk
 To battle against hottest gigs in the region, D'hask is making another eloquent step in their journey towards becoming the best. Hence, collaborating with the finest from music industry is hoped to unlock-open countless doors of opportunities for the band.

In January, the band will spread their wings to Malaysia for the official release and publication of their debut single, "Kamu, Adalah Mimpi Buruk Ku". Although the actual promotion of the song has yet to begin, works on their second single "Tempat Ku" - a ballad produced by a well-known Malaysian producer, Ramli MS - has reached the final stage.

D'hask with Marilyn Manson, Bai Ling and Jojo at the production of their latest music videoPhoto by: Harrison Funk
The filming of the music video for the ballad has just completed which features appearances by huge names from the entertainment scene: Marilyn Manson, Jojo and Bai Ling. Nevertheless, the official release date is still kept secret.

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