Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 things you should know about SRI NAZRINA

Sri Nazrina

here's d 5 things:

1. I talk to my cats!=)

2. I love netball and running. And i love food so much!! That's why its hard for me to lose weight...haha!!i technically add back what i lose!!Its a cycle!=D

3. I hv a thing with Adidas jackets. *hints for my birthday gifts* hehe...

4. When I was small, I enjoyed boys' games!!i loved skateboarding!!and,i collected Boy London's watches!!(and i dont know where they are now..haha!!)

5. Okay...last but not least, I cant think of whatelse to say now...haha!!im as normal as ur bestest friends! ;)

Sri Nazrina..
January 25 at 11:46pm

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