Monday, January 10, 2011

Adam discloses secrets behind the making of BREAK

Adam Groves
 "BREAK is a rebound and a confession of my past," Adam revealed when asked about his latest masterpiece. He was determined to create his first action short film as soon as he realized that the recommencement of the production of his previous show was just a waste of time.
Instead, he began to fabricate a storyboard that reminisces his school life experience. He said, the idea was to divert to a different genre - just to know the response of the viewers and surprisingly, the rejoinder was rather motivating!
With more than 16 000 views on YouTube for the debut episode alone, BREAK is slowly blooming to be his most successful series ever. Interestingly, despite the delay of the publication of episode 2.1, the fans are still eagerly waiting for the next part.
Shall it be a hit as well? ...

BREAK's earliest episode

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