Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 things you should know about UDI LUQMAN

Udi Luqman

1) I'm a shy dude. Tho physically people tend to think that I'm cocky. lol

2) when i'm silent, or dont talk much, it means that im thinking about something.or trying to crack a code of creativte juice

3) Appreciate his own roots and background. Malay, Brunei, Tradition and culture tho from the outside i looked so westernized intems of language or style lol. tapi patriotik atu tatap tu lol.. Maju Bangsaa ku!!!! haha

4) i would willing to spent time on my own working on my music until near perfection.

5)in terms of women, grassess are always greener, but im loyal to one, until the rest of time. ahhaha

January 25 at 3:09am

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