Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jectosm Band - Profile & Biography

Basic Information:

Experimental / Alternative Rock

Mirrul - Vocals / Guitars
Fadyl - Guitars
Sam - Bass / Backup Vocals
Toto - Drums / Backup Vocals

Record Label:
Attune Production Studio

Pronounced as "Jek-Too-Zim" means 'Ject' is the term from the word 'Project', 'To' is the term from the name 'Toto', 'S' stands for 'Sam' and 'M' stands for 'Mirrul'.

The formation began on the 8th January 2010 and founded by Toto (Acidyouth) the drummer. Kicked-off as a creative project by 3 determined individuals came from different bands [Silent 7 Hopes (Mirrul)/Acidyouth (Toto) /Serene (Sam)] to experiment/explore newly-flavored musical materials. In the mid-January 2011, Fadyl, is then joining the band as a lead guitar.

Released the first single on February 2011, called "She Died With a Provision" feat Jack Of Acidyouth on and Reverbnation. A song about a real life of a girl. Lyrics & composed by Mirrul & Jack of Acidyouth.

By the year 2011 due to a 1st year anniversary, we record another single called "Never Break Down" composed by Toto and Mirrul, Lyrics by Sam and Mirrul. Official release on the 5th March 2011 on Pelangi FM. A song which tells a story about an inspiration of life. A single which is then officially one of the soundtracks from the famous local series, 'Break' from, directed by Adam Groves.

Press Contact:
+6737145827 / +6738651003



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