Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Zul F's gonna release a new English single called "I Don't Want Love Songs", co-written by Hans Anuar & Zul F, soon. Here's the lyrics:

Verse 1
If someone should ask
Who or what I really am
I'm just a bruise you left behind
Coz what's left of me
All so numb, can't feel a thing
This isn't how it's supposed to be

Pre-chorus 1
I can't smile..I can't trust
What I see (can't trust what I see)
I can't hear..I can't feel
The beating of my own heart..

I don't want love songs
I don't want promises
Because my heart can't take it no more..

I don't want love song
I don't want fairytales
So love just let me walk away..breakaway..breakaway..

Verse 2
You rained on my parade
And didn't come to my aid
I was a heart in captivity
You left me behind
Pushed me and stuck me in a bottle
Rubbed me when you needed me

Pre-chorus 2
You're messin' with my head
And I'm still (still can't help but feel)..
Trapped in your labyrinth
I'm a ship without a sail


From your heart..
Your heart..
My heart..

Chorus & adlib

p/s. This is, lyrically, my most personal piece of work to date, based on real experience.

Zul F

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