Friday, April 29, 2011

Avantgarde - Profile and Biography

Basic Information:-

Nu Metal, Hardcore, Alternative

Syaeful Rezal - Vocalist
Jeffree - Bassist
Sufe - Drummer
Aerul - 1st Guitarist
Yus - 2nd Guitarist
Mey - keyboardist

HEY we are AvantGarde originally from Brunei Darussalam. Consist of 5 members. from the vocal we got syaeful, guitarist yus and also aerul, bassist jeff and on drum we got sufi. we've started in early 2004. Recently we've released our first unofficial EP album called AVANTGARDE EP and we're on the proceess of making our first official album that include new 10 songs that is not included in the AVANTGARDE EP album. all songs are composed by avantgarde and we are not attach to any contract label company ( Still searching ). we were announced for BEST NEW ARTIST in 2006 by people who voted for us in an official compilation album and also we've been nominated to the finals twice in our country's most biggest events ever held in Brunei that is the ANUGERAH PELANGI AWARDS.

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