Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is This Love ( Lyric ) - Qeez Idrus

Lyrics : Faeza & Qeez Idrus
Composer : Qeez Idrus
Music Arrangement : Hans Anwar
Recorded at : Phuturephase Studio

Dum,Dum Dum,padaadadada~

1,2,3 you are for me
4,5,6 you make me fix,
All these crazy happenstances
But you just smile like nothing happened,

7,8,9 you are mine,
10,11,12 you made me in love,
all the things you do,the things you do~


Your love is like a pinch of sugar,
So sweet it gave me cavities,
You melt me like a marshmallow,
You hugged me like i'm your pillow,
Don't make me feel so Mellow
When you're acting all shallow
You're making me swallow
all these weird feelings..inside

A,B,C you made me sing,
D,E,F these memories you left..Behind
Held my hand to the future,
You made me stronger than before

G,H,I you open my eyes,
J,K,'L' Stands for 'love',
Have god send you from above? from above~

Repeat Chorus

Is this love?...

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