Tuesday, December 28, 2010

INFO HIBURAN: ★ Brunei Year End Countdown Concert ★

This new year's eve will be celebrated by 8 live bands & 1 artist... Displaying their talent not just by individual groups but also by synchronizing with each other to perform a musical sensation.. from the bands, the dancers & the DJ.. all working together.. making this new year's eve, Awesome!!

Undergrip, Uroboros, Karacoma,Avantgarde,Violate, The Chief Brigade, Emergence 3D & AKO....

MC - Fakrulrazi
MC - Sam
DJ -Amirul

There will be talented dancers, firework display & more..

* Please note that 'Fakrulrazi' name will not be on the posters and tickets only but he will be performing... :(


◙ Tickets will be on sale at KFC MALL onwards.

◙ Front row seats - $25
◙ Back row seats -$15

If more then 10 ticket above please contact:

For BSB: 8767849, 8870499 & 8800128


◙ Date: 31.12.2010
◙ Time: 7.40pm.
◙ Venue: Jerudong Park, Amphitheatre

*It's at the BIG AMPHITHEATER, where Michael Jackson perform in Jerudong.

◙ Information: email us on limyeeliang@hotmail.com

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