Sunday, December 19, 2010


KatakIjau Humanitarian Relief Support Group is organising a charity drive event for Merapi and Mentawai Disaster Relief Fund, Fund for LLS Autism Centre and Fund for KatakIjau School Support Program on Friday, 31 December 2010 at 8 pm JPCC Playground - Mini Amphiteather

The theme of this event is GEN Y MUSIK FIESTA – A charity contribution by Young Generation who involves and loves Music, Singing, Dancing, Disc Spinning and Performing Arts. The night will fill of energetic performance by the young people that Brunei owned. And it is all about charity and caring community a contribution to the needy.

Some of the artists/bands are: Hill Zaini, Sunny KDI, Dayat P2F, Asde P2F, AJ P2F, M.A.Matiin, Zuden Karem & Dorsh Jainal, Umi Fakriyah, Yean Matussin, kLip Band, EpicTragedy, Switch 22, A Band Once, Magabu & The White Shoes, 5.10am, The Alternate and MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!.

Dare to make a difference and transform yourself as our new GEN Y future leaders.

Tickets: BND$8.00 and you can purchase them from the Katakijau Humanitarian Relief Support Group HQ at Suite 313, Kompleks Mohammad Yusof , Jalan Batu Satu from 10.00am till 09:00pm daily and also from MAGABU Café at Jalan Pasir Berakas. You can also contact us thru Katakijau HQ at 2241818, Wadiana 8155514, PE 8892981, Azie 8613317 & Hjh Marina 8187305

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