Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stress Ku Merace - Qeez idrus

Ohh Jangan,Ku lemas kan belunggu
nafas pun tercundam,Ku rimas dan rapuh

Stress ku merace,
Kau orang yang paling over didunia

I terdengar you berkata that i am inlove with your boyfriend?
Takde masa menganggu teman kekasih mu,
You can stop all the drama that you imagined that we've had.
All your rumors was nothing to me cause baby it wasn't true,
So now you can stop


You try to push me down but darling i came swinging back
Showing all the laughter and happiness that you don't have
Adakah bangga saya that i've been in your mind,
Bet you think i'd tumble down and cry..
oh my..oh my..i didn't disturb your guy


Stop stop stop stop it's all untrue
Spreading all the words it's all untrue,
Otherwise i sue you and you you and you know who
And my mama said "You better zip your mouth"
And my babah said "Antam tah engkau"


Stress kau yang merace

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