Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Come Back - Zul Faden (Official Music Video)

An official music video for Zul Faden's new song Come Back which is originally written and sang by Udi Luqman. Enjoy =D

A music video by Udi Luqman which we did before

Actors and Actresses
Kamal Belle
Assyura Shamsul
Farah Li
Fiz August

Thanks to All Volunteers
Faiq Ali
Jessica Abdullah
A'aqiil Ahmad
Husni Hussin
Majduddeen Othman
Zahidah Hisyam
Naili Kasim

SEEDS Brunei
(Student's Extracurricular Educational Dramatic Society)

Nasirah Saiful
Dayana Saiful
Zul Faden Fan Club

Big thanks to the owner of
Caliente Restaurant
Patricia Siva
Hakeem Rahim

Shot by
Along Ilham

Aznniel Yunus
Fikri Phe

Directed by
Aznniel Yunus

Executive Producer
Fikri Phe

Co-Executive Producer
Zul Faden

Powered by
PWP Production

Produced by
The Nostrils Production

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