Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Feeling by Zul Faden (Lyrics)

Verse 1
Have you ever felt this feeling?
The feeling that you wanna need someone
To open your heart and soul
And you wanna let them know
How it hurts when you're apart
It comes from deep inside your heart
The feeling's always there...

And I...Never thought I'd feel this way
I'll never let harm be done to you
I'll be your strength in all you do
And I'd...Do anything I possibly can
I...I'll be your man...

Verse 2
Have you ever watched that sunrise?
Were you over-awed...did you cry?
That's the way I feel for you
I don't have a reason to lie...why should I?
You're the light...
That shines my darkest night
The truth past every lie...


Music break

Repeat Verse 1

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