Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LYRICS - "Sexy" (The Futurist featuring Feez Madea)

They call her sexy, They call her sexy

They call her sexy (repeat)

Verse 1
when everybody look at you
your feature shows, your actions proof
the way u react towards sexiness
turns loneliness to life, it's marvalous
Dramatise the holy love spirit
check the panorama and possess half of it
elevates love to it's sweetest level
gain more hugs so switch to enable
reach into your self actualisation
with no captions, with no ransom
sing that loomy tunes, no sand in dunes
let the atmosphere adapts to its half of moon
ur heart is like a mansion, brain like an asian
body like an invasion.
you're an alien, beautiful Bruneian
copyrighted trademark,the contradiction

They call her sexy (repeat)

Verse 2
She's with her jet black scarf
breezing with her novel
got that cold look
like struck on October
Atmospheric, elevated to her aura
not only physical
everyting adorable
she's more elegant than a jet setter
endearing essence got me flatter
twist my fractures into a rapture
my instincts were like dude i told ya
want her like a routine, practical,
Guess my fantasy turns visible
Whole vision transforms like the miracle
lovable attitudes frames as a mirror.. oh
That beauty queen, deep in positive
her frequency, transmits the energys
while universe, diverts my emphasis
now baby lets overlap
over these eclipse

They call me sexy (repeat)

sexy is my name, maybe?
ting ting ting ting
you don't understand, cuz I'm a lady
nooo ooooohh
you might think I'm crazy lately
you can't hold my hand
je, je suis desolee ( french translated- I'm sorry)

Lyrics by Erhyme and Reezy (The Futurist)
Composed and Arranged by Erhyme
Recorded by Erhyme@ Spacevibe Studio Production
Mixed and Mastered by Erhyme@ Spacevibe studio Production
Produced by Erhyme

Product of Futuristique Records

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