Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Udi Luqman - Moving On (Lyrics)


Nothing last for long
and thats what ive been told
i'm looking for the answers here
but I just can't pull through

I'm drowning in my tears
with full of mysery
even an unhearing word
my voice just can't be reached


Even if im searching for a soul
I won't see it in my eyes..Tell me what i found
I'm closing up this pain which starts to bleed


Im moving on and find the reason why..
To shed a light in the agony of love
We crave for days of freedom and desire to be heard
but Melody won't break it through for you

Im moving on and stop this ticking time
I close my eyes and never be awake
Before me, I see light and reach my wounded arms to you
We're here.


Tell what I see
a perception to be free
Dreams were said to be nonesense
but aspect seems so real

Now I maybe numb
to feel the heart inside
I wished to love so tenderly
But now forever gone

Udi Records (c) 2011

Originally Composed, Written, Arranged, Mixed & Engineered by Udi Luqman
Udi Records© 2011. ALLRIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorised Copying, Reproduction, Public Performances And Broadcasting Prohibited.

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