Thursday, June 9, 2011

Norlela Kahar

Basic Information:
Norlela Kahar (born May 15 in Tutong, Brunei Darussalam) is a Best Bruneian singer. Her debut self-titled album was released in 1997 and it was recorded in the Dankdut genres. The album's lead single, Antara Brunei Dan Jakarta introduced her to the local music industry.

In 1997, she participated in One in a Million, a singing single hosted by Bruneian local television and Radio station Brunei.

One in a Million
The recording industry was shocked over Norlela's participation in One in a Million. Norlela's participation received many mixed reviews from various parties including the media suggesting that Norlela should give the opportunity to new talents because she already has an established position in the local music industry. During the performance, Norlela showed her off her singing capabilities with the Dankdut genre, infusing the music with her own style and no one captured the essence of her style better than one of the One in a Million judges, where he called Norlela the "Best Vocal Voice Funky Hot Diva".

Norlela Kahar was born at Hospital Tutong Brunei on 15th May. Norlela kahar come from a musically and singer inclined Family. From the age of 13, Norlela Kahar always followed to invitational and order show like parties to give her mental exposure live Band/karaoke.

Norlela Kahar is a Intelligent Singer in brunei since followed all Audition in Brunei such as Choir AntaraBangsa Brunei , Bintang Remaja Brunei , as a Pop Ella Singer , followed Irama Nada Dangdut Brunei untill she's being Album in Indonesia " Album Dankdut Romantis , Perdana Legendaris 97 " with her Famous Song " Antara Brunei dan Jakarta and other "

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