Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unspoken (Lyrics) By Calvin Chong


I tried to walk between the lines,
I never wanna stop and look behind.
All of the sudden you came crashing down my way,
I wished to go on till the end of the day.

But then you said,
Let's start again.


I thought that it's been ages now,
Feeling's just so weird somehow.
Piece by piece it has been broken.
I tried to tell how much I feel,
About the way I felt so real.
But all these words are left Unspoken.


You chose between the days and night,
And that's the moment you came to my sight.
I tried to tell you that I'm so in love with you,
You just won't show that you do love me too.

But then you said,
let's start again.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge -

I'd rather pay, to feel this way.
Cus all these time you kept on coming.
I'll try to say, I'll be okay.
But you kept asking for a new beginning.

(Repeat Chorus)


ENJOY!!!! =)

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  1. I don't understand the meaning of your song. Is there a meaning or did you prioritize rhyming over meaning?