Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Game Of Love By Udi (Short)

Udi Records Production team has been working on few projects lately.
This is one of them. A rock comedic, bi-lingual, lyrical music!

Vocal : Udi
Guitar : Udi
Bass : Udi
Drum : Udi
Piano : Udi
Synth : Udi
.... LOL...

Will be released soon!

Latest pre released single by Udi

Intro :
Ajaib Boi : Yo Bro! Jadi kitani kan mencari jalan ah!?
Udi : Jalan ? Jalan apa ?
Ajaib Boi : Jalan baaaahh!!
Udi : Jalan apa deehh !?
Ajaib Boi : Jalan untuk mencari Cinta..yang Sejati..

Originally Composed, Written, Arranged, Mixed & Engineered by Udi Luqman
Udi Records© 2011. ALLRIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorised Copying, Reproduction, Public Performances And Broadcasting Prohibited.

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