Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kings Of Gadong - Karameldelait

Instrumental taken from Drake.
Kami kan ke gadong,
ini singjang bukan sarong,
pakai jaguar sama hustla,
makan ayam layan sayanggg
Kami control Brunei,
Kan ke airport, cos we so fly,
Berjuta gadis, never ambong,
Royal Brunei, Kings of Gadong

Muara ke tutong, i run these streets,
gimme a pair of nikes, a mic and a beat,
my pops call me sun so i must rhyme with heat,
im too hot to stop no control alt delete

My last lay said it was better than expected,
but what does she expect I am well versed and tested,
I cant even lie i'll make your nighttime splendid,
ask your friends about me i come highly recommended.

turn my music just up a couple hundred decibels,
put my tracks up on the net to make me more accessible,
this aint my profession but i try to be professional,
to move that dollar sign far away from the decimal,

see me in my hyundai,
music blasting seoul to shanghai,
minum budi, lihat bola,
banar banar, king of bandar

I've come a long way,
and she got legs for days,
i know my way around her body like a mouse in a maze.
Panas on the streets and im fire on the stage,
and im burning up a beat cos i am the new craze

second name delait, first name karamel check your search engine,
my name is always mentioned, number 1 i forgot to mention
im so all-rounded im like 3 dimensions


so if, im the king my sayangs the queen,
when im older i'll be rich so she wont have to clean,
butt up face down when I dream,
i dont need to watch my back AM Gunners is my team,
start with brunei then i got singapurrr,
next thing you its call karamel wurld,
best believe life will be sweet,
guling tangan in the streets so you walk to the beat,

Chill would have to be headquarters,
MOHA's around daddy's watch your daughters,
haaa Ministry of hot affairs,
we dont even fly we walk on air,
you gonna wanna be there,
see it to believe it shades on when you stare,
jangan busy body this a bandar affair,
brucity baby check your map its there.


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