Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJ - TELL ME (Lyrics)

AJ - TELL ME (Lyrics)

Verse 1. C F C F7
I'm finding in sequence, falling in distance, crawling and fighting waiting for you .

verse2. C F Am G
how can it be , soo far apart, waiting for you to be with me.

bridge. F C Am G
i don't know how can i make things right, to show you that i really in love with you.

Chorus. C
please comeback to me. F7
please show it can be. Am G
please baby tell me that you love me. C F7 Am G
baby give me a chance,make me your hero,lend me your heart don't C
leave me till zero. F7 C
Oh baby tell me why.

2nd single.
established 2011.
Phuturephase Production Studio.

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